Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's That Time of the Year Again!

Yes, it's Baillie Birdathon time!

It looks like I will be solo this year for my Mother's Day Big Day, due to some notable field work induced absences, but my Baillie Week started off with a bang when a Lewis's Woodpecker was located at Highrock Park in Esquimalt, of all the random places.

I was in the office, watching posts come in and hoping the bird would stick. By the time my last meeting was finished, I zipped home to change, and made record time getting to Esquimalt. After all the rush and hustle, it took a mere three minutes from time of car parking until I spotted the beautiful Lewis's Woodpecker atop a snag, hawking insects. This has long been a big miss for me in the Victoria Checklist area, a long overdue tick.

Anyway, back to the Baillie Birdathon. I haven't decided on my exact routing yet, but given the incredible birds that have been showing, it is sure to be a great day! If anyone wants to join for the full 24 (midnight to as close to midnight I can get without falling asleep) or for a part, let me know!

To sponsor me, or any member of Rocky Point Bird Observatory's team, head over to our Birdathon Page and click on the link for any of our participants. Remember, 75% of everything raised stays right here with RPBO, let's make this the biggest year yet! We also have several local politicians birding for Rocky Point again this year!

Good birding, stay tuned for the results!

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