Friday, April 27, 2012

It's That Time of the Year Again.....

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is Baillie Birdathon Time once again!  Despite the huge number of migrating birds drifting through, and despite the fact that Jeremy Gatten managed to double the size of our Black-necked Stilt flock through some kind of bird whispering trick (and, I will add, he also predicted the previous day that our next good bird would be two more stilts!!!! Creepy, I  know.....), I have still decided to take time out to write about future birding.

This year, I will once again be putting my sanity to the test by embarking on a Tim Hortons fueled, 24 hour birding adventure in support of Rocky Point Bird Observatory, as will a number of others, collectively known as the Rocky Point Birders.  We are switching things up a little this year not only by having a dedicated RPBO team, but also by initiating an inter-municipal Mayors/Councillors Challenge!

There will be more news about this coming out very shortly, but in 500 words or less, a number of local Mayors and Councillors have joined with Rocky Point this year to take part in the Baillie Birdathon.  The represented municipalities will face off to see which can raise the most pledges on a per capita basis, and then hit the field with volunteer birders/guides to see how many species they can find!  I can't think of a better way to help Rocky Point, help the community, and have some fun!

To sponsor me for the Baillie Birdathon, and help me reach my target (which, the closer I get to it, the higher it will get) click here, or to sponsor one of our other team members or to join our team, click on "Rocky Point Birders" a couple of paragraphs up.

I have set the team target to $5000 which, on sharing with Dick Cannings a few weeks ago, I was told he raised all on his own last year!  With a portion of all pledges going to Rocky Point (the more money raised, the higher the percentage), let's see if we can beat this target!

Good birding,

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