Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swallowing in the Snow

After turning up nothing but a couple of Orcas during a brief jaunt to Sooke yesterday (and don't get me wrong, I like whales, just not as much as birds!), I decided to head out to Swan Lake this afternoon to see if any migrants might be kicking around.

Outside of the regulars, the first birds I saw were three Bald Eagles flying in formation high over the lake. Under them, and almost blending into the cloud, was a flock of 12 swallows. At the distance that I saw them, it was impossible to make out a species.

Eventually, the flock came close enough to make out two year birds, 5 Violet-Green Swallows and 2 Tree Swallows. The other 5 remained far enough away in poor light that I couldn't make them out.

It is nice to see the migrants showing up, but I'm sure the snow that followed caused them a little confusion. With any luck, we will be seeing more (birds) before too long.

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