Saturday, December 31, 2011


Welcome to my new blog, a continuation of Victoria Big Year!

2012 is only hours away, and after missing my Victoria Checklist Area Big Year target by only 6 this year, I am ready to give it another go! With lessons learned this year, it should makes things a bit easier the second time around. Lesson number one - no vacations during migration! Last year was a good year nonetheless, and between local birding, a short trip to Ontario, and a drive down to Arizona, I saw 382 species, and added 62 species to my ABA list.

This blog will deviate a bit from last year, and I will try to focus on birding in general, while tagging along on another Victoria Big Year try. I will try to highlight some of the spots in Victoria, some of our species, and some of our birders.

Tomorrow will start off with the Duncan Christmas Bird Count, and weather promises to be just about usual for this annual New Year's Day tradition! My area, the south part of the count circle, runs from Cobble Hill almost to Duncan, and contains a nice mix of habitats. I am still waiting for a Mega to show up in my area.... One of these years!

Stay tuned, and see you in the field!

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  1. Hello, I am wondering if you ever conduct private tours on Victoria Island (for 2). Thanks, Pam.